Promoting the idea that kids’ play is an easy, natural way to learn science. Our bodies already get it!  Learning the name of the force involved helps us understand the concept.

Is all about getting a lot of people together collaborating and talking about topics related to their learning. Hands-on learning is magical.

Consulting from IT project selection to implementation

People come to the QCI to work alongside peers and other entrepreneurs and this co-working, collaborative environment creates a “buzz” that you won’t find in another workspace. Creative juices flow freely at the the QCI.

Quincy College

Focused on Teaching & Learning, One Student at a Time” is not merely Quincy College’s motto. It is, as well, the embodiment of the way in which we conduct ourselves each and every day, including the manner in which all students, faculty, and staff are regarded and engaged.

Compassionate and Personal Care


Empowering Children. Improving Lives.

Children Across America is a humanitarian organization, dedicated to providing preventive healthcare and literacy support to children in the United States.

QATV serves the communication needs of residents, educational institutions, governmental bodies and not-for-profit organizations in the city of Quincy.


New England Conservatory

Saint Agatha School

Transforming teams, building tools, and establishing new ways of working.

Adding more than Color to your print projects

We help potential clients and customers create an emotional connection to the owner or employees of a particular business

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