How factories make what you want

We will build small teams to simulate being a client, being a designer, being a factory, being a shop. We will go through the process of how clients can buy what they need and how producers build what the clients want.

How does The Cloud work?

Learn the path that emails and shared photos follow from your computer or phone to your friend’s computer or phone so they arrive safely

Digital Storytelling

Create a story using a computer, tablet or phone.

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Stop-Motion Video

Create a stop-motion video to explain something related to math, science, art or something else.

Scratch Programming

Create a fun program using Scratch

Robotics 1

Create a robot using Legos

Hula hooping, jump roping

Learn about torque, angular momentum, centripetal force


2nd law of motion

Under the Microscope

Look at live organisms under the microscope;

relate that to removing small circular pieces of DNA; altering the DNA to make medicines

Photo provided by QC

Check the page often,

descriptions of the other sessions included on the calendar are added daily…

Transferring Genes

GMO, making medicines,

Learn how transferring genes can cure diseases

Different color pop beads to represent different parts of the circular DNA.  Let them build the their own circular DNA to produce medicine.

Explain how the circular DNA is put into cells

Keeping Medicines Clean

Preventing contamination

Sterile welding and pumping solutions from one container to another.  Solutions are different colors and produce a change in color when mixed.

Purifying Medicinal Products

how to separate medicine from thousands of contaminants

Column chromatography – students apply mixed dyes

Make a helicopter

Build a basic helicopter and learn the basics of flying

Learn the basics of aerodynamics and take your helicopter home!

Eyes, Optics and Light & Refraction

Understand what vision is like with a refractive error

Nature studies

Improvisational Theatre

Thinking on your Feet

Bicycle generator

Use your mechanical energy to generate electrical energy.

Visitor will sit on bike and pedal it to see how much effort is involved in getting a bulb to light up.

Recycling at Home

Use your favorite sports moves to get that empty carton into the recycling bin. How are you at lobbing it in? Ever tried it with a golf club? Try a place-kick. Bowling, anyone? Learn the science in these moves as well!

Recycling at the Factory

Replication of sorting at the recycling factory. Decision-making based on requirements.

String-Can Telephone

Person holds one can to the ear, the other can to the mouth. With a partner at the other end they speak to each other.

Gems & Refraction

Meet a professional jeweler and learn to examine gemstones.

Musical instruments pet zoo

Kids will have the opportunity to listen young musicians and then try on their instruments to find out which one they would like the most, and even better find out what would they like to learn!

Science Word-o-Rama

Use a glue stick — to help science words stick like glue!

Funhouse Mirrors