Come to the Quincy Center for Innovation (QCI) for a day of hands-on science, sports and arts activities at the South Shore Science Fun House! We are bringing together scientists, engineers, and performance artists of all ages from the communities South of Boston to share what they know in a fun and experiential way.


APRIL 25, 2015 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Come for a session or stay all day!


Quincy Center for Innovation

180 Old Colony Ave., Quincy, MA 02170

Plenty of FREE parking

Couple of blocks from Wollaston T-redline station

FREE Admission!!!

Value is unmeasurable!



How factories make what you want?  How cities are built! How Have fun with Legos!

Create a stop-motion video to explain something related to math, science, art or something else.

How transferring genes can cure diseases

Instruments Pet Zoo!

Try several musical instruments and discover which one do you like most!

Create a robot using Legos

Use your favorite sports moves to get that empty carton into the recycling bin. How are you at lobbing it in? Ever tried it with a golf club? Try a place-kick. Bowling, anyone? Learn the science in these moves as well!

Sessions will include Robotics, Programming with Scratch and AppInventor, Digital Storytelling, Stop-Motion Video, Understanding the Biotech Process, How Does the Cloud Work?, How Factories Make What You Want and more! So, jump on the Red Line to the QCI at Wollaston station or drive over and take advantage of our free parking and spend some fun time experiencing the great world of science in the City of Presidents.